Samsun Godwin helps you set up your UAE Franchise

Samsun Godwin, with its expert team of consultants, helps you identify and set up a perfect Franchising model in the UAE. The strength of your Franchising model depends upon the clarity, understanding and expertise of the brand developer (Franchisor) & the Investor (Franchisee).

Our expertise, in the Franchising domain, lies in facilitating global business opportunities in the Gulf region via. integrating with the local culture, leveraging market led opportunities and identifying a roadmap for building your Franchising model.

Own a Franchise

  • Understand your objective, mission and outlook in setting up a Franchise
  • Do a risk evaluation and financial competency analysis and offer synergetic solutions
  • Identify and showcase sector-wise and region-wise opportunities for an optimal investment
  • Suggest solutions complementing your business potential & priorities

Investor Allocation

  • Offer a platform for international brands to be showcased in the Gulf
  • Promotion of Franchise brands across various events, Gulf media and franchise portals.
  • Consulting global brands on ways to integrate with the local culture, consumption patterns, emerging trends, etc
  • Exclusive Partnership for Franchise development in Gulf region
  • Integrating the brand essence with the investor outlook
  • Support & Facilitate all project legalities & formats until project execution

Franchise Existing Business

  • Provide management outlook and strategy consulting solutions to the business
  • Evaluate demand drivers by analyzing brand equity and market dynamics
  • Analyze existing business operations to evaluate the Franchiseability of your existing business
  • Enhancing core competencies to integrate Business functions
  • Work towards developing a lean Franchise structure preferably through multi formats
  • Identify potential franchisees & chalk a geographical expansion plan
  • Collaborate & Promote exclusively for Gulf expansion
  • Synergizing Brand consistency across the franchise network

Type of Licenses Issued in Free Zone

License nomenclatures could be Free Zone specific but the activities carried out under the licenses remain the same. For example some Free Zones differentiate "Trading" and "Commercial" licenses, but others combine them under one name "Trading".


The Trading & Commercial License allows you to import, export and trade. However, you cannot trade directly with the UAE market unless you appoint a distributor or agent registered in the UAE. Moreover, for such sales an import tax will also be applicable. The Trading & Commercial license allows you to be engaged in activities such as contracting, repairing, maintenance, renting, shops, restaurants and others.


Under the Service/Professional license, you can carry out professional services specified in the Trade license such as management, business, industrial consultancy or professional services including real estate consulting in some Free Zones. Apart from this you can also be involved in activities such as advertising, event or exhibition organization, cleaning services and many others.


Under an Industrial License you are allowed to import raw materials, carry out the manufacturing of specified products and export the finished product. In addition, there is also the National Industrial License, issued for manufacturing companies with at least 51% Arabian Gulf Co-operation Council (AGCC) ownership. This license allows the holder the same status as a local or AGCC inside the UAE.


The E-Commerce license allows you to engage in e-commerce business such as online trading or online services.


With a logistics License, you can engage in various logistic services such as logistic services such as Cargo (sea, land, air), warehousing, storage, packing, transshipment and distribution.


A Freelance permit allows you to operate as a freelance professional. The Permit identifies you as a sole practitioner and enables you to carry out business in your own birth name instead of a brand.

Why Samsun Godwin ?

  • Directly from the sponsor
  • Flexible & Easy payment terms
  • Competitive & Best pricing
  • Extensive market knowledge
  • One stop shop for all company formations
  • Multilingual & professional staff
  • Affiliates to government departments

About Samsun Godwin Consulting

Samsun Godwin, a well established network of business consultants based out of Dubai, helps you set up, market and manage your company in the UAE. Our experienced team of professionals can help you start your business anywhere in the UAE, be it the Mainland, Free Zone or Offshore.

We take care of all your business needs from day one itself, starting from your initial query to your final choice. Our commitment in providing our clients with the very best and our exceptional customer service standards form the grounds of our core value system. Our expert team is quick to identify your needs and deliver to your exact requirements in the most efficient manner.

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