Business Process Reengineering

Business and roller coaster ride has many things in common and both are meant for brave hearts.

Before entering a steeper and higher tough roller coaster you are passed through a fitness scan whereas for businesses that’s missing and thus business becomes even more adventurous that ways.

Market, environment, external factors and efficiencies sometimes creates a scenario for a business where it gets difficult and the things starts to fall apart, introspection helps but sometimes it needs a new perspective from outside to identify the root of the problems and then only it can be corrected and put back in place.

There are lots of success stories where a businessman, after reaching a dead end decided to take a totally unexpected turn and zoom ahead in life whereas the other perish at the dead end and vanish from the pool.

These unexpected turns, totally out of thought decisions, fantastic ideas and their implementations, new routes etc are nothing but an outcome of a third eye view and a perspective that was created from a totally different angle.

These help many survive where a lot many perishes.

New market, new challenges and ready to learn new dynamics, any entrepreneur is of the same basic mentality of taking risks and challenges and converting them into valuables and that is the reason they jump into a new market and develop the business to gain maximum benefits.

Our team is concerned with the analytical preparation of potential growth opportunities in your business and subsequent support and monitoring of their implementation, our experts collaborate and integrate the knowledge and feedback from the organization’s specialist functions, for example, customer services, manufacturing, research and development and sales etc. to assure that the organization is capable of implementing the growth opportunity successfully. We are focused on your behalf about your business make money and its analyze backup and roadmap for implementation.

At Samsun Godwin Consulting we have helped many struggling businesses offload their bulkier thought process and take on totally new methodologies and perspectives to take a path that is much more rewarding and leads to prosperity.

The challenging tasks may include but not limited to:

  • Business process understanding and guidance: General Management
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Business scope redefining and guidance
  • Problem Solving and root cause analysis
  • Skillset revamping and role reversals
  • Business redirection: Change management

Business process understanding and guidance: General Management

The general management consulting vertical at Samsun Godwin has unique tools and skillset to understand your business model, the processes, the cost centers and revenue streams, your customers, your vendors, your knowledge partners, your core competencies and your valuable resources. Benchmarking techniques helps bottlenecks identification and present recommendations to get your business runs smooth. Our knowledge pool helps you get the latest and best practices from industry verticals and best in class competitors and exceeds your customer’s expectations.

Do get in touch with our business management team to check the complete health of your business.

Business process re-engineering

BPR team at Samsun Godwin Consulting is helping a lots of businesses worldwide to bring about dramatic changes by redoing the ever since processes and get bigger and better results. A small change in the working methodology or work place as such directly impacts the productivity, the morale boost for the work force and great motivation for the supervisors and better results for the organization. Operational excellence is a never ending process and the organizations worldwide understands and embrace this fact. With emergence of technology and improved data dissemination and decision making the world is changing faster towards better.

Improved quality, reduced cycle time, better costs, lesser complexity and elimination of issues are achieved with the help of SGC BPR team and their able guidance. We do change management in organizations to help them embrace the newer and better processes with ease and joyfully.

Business scope redefining and guidance: Contingency Planning

Good to know if stuck and work around to stay moving rather than get stuck and loose precious time thinking in vacuum. “What-If” has to stay on top of driver’s mind who has steering controls and brakes.

Good businessmen are highly adaptable but sometimes human behavior prevents us to think beyond our regular business, we undermine our own capabilities and start finding solutions when none exists, that is a saturation point and its early identification helps a lot.

We help in crisis management, Disaster recovery, Group think, Real options analysis and Move-on decisions. It is always advisable to the top management to keep abreast to the recent developments in the industry and the environment we operate and keep several alternative futures for the organization and equip the organization to handle the unexpected.

Problem Solving and root cause analysis

Often we do not understand the real cause of the problem and we try to solve it at the wrong place.

TQM, Total Quality Management or the Toyota way has given the world a new thinking to adopt and reach the root of the problem through its highly popular FIVE WHYs approach. This approach is very simple, to reach the root of the problem ask why to the outcome then why to the problem therein, then why to the next layer down under and fourth and fifth why will take you there.

This can be presented in a classic example from Toyota factory in Japan.

Skillset revamping and role reversals

Ever increasing demand of skilled workforce and monotony in the profiles has put a lot of pressure on the organizations to ensure high morale and job satisfaction in the floor teams especially into routine jobs. A regular push is required throughout to bring a daily challenge into their lives to make it extended and exciting, this requires a continuous improvement and role reversals in many areas.

Many large corporates have done it quite successfully and people changing jobs within the organization makes them feel enhanced, grown, empowered and more satisfied without losing their identity into a new corporate and new systems.

Business redirection: Change management

So what is the formula for successful change?

Identification of advocate of transformation programs is a must and this guy must be put in the real leadership role. And responsibilities to be given with mandate. He need to roll up his sleeves, clearly see the job, and get on with it. Asking the entire company to share the vision, this must begin by leading from the front. This leader must be seen as a person of action. He needs to introduce a single set of performance and ethical standards and communicate these as simple, powerful messages to all employees.

The next important is to create the team of great managers under him because a leader is as good as his team. The team is again to be given responsibilities as well as mandate, the carrot and stick goes together and to make the change process a success it’s a must.

Third and the most important aspect is to focus on the end result rather than the tedious process of change. Set smaller goals negotiate through these to reach the end result, steadily.

Then finally a good change management is something that is executed very fast, the prioritization of the key elements in the change process and implementing these changes quickly and tackle the issues for the most part, in parallel is more effective than easing change into the organization.

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