Business Advisory Services

Profitability and Growth are the two pillars on which the business stands tall and prosper, sustainable growth comes from sustainable strategies and at SGC we strive to help your business innovate to grow, reduce cost and leverage talent.

We believe in getting in your shoes before giving advise and thus setting tone for us means spending time, listening, learning and understanding the real challenge your business is facing and then from our pool of local and global knowledge we present strategies those are tailor made to suit your requirement.

Out Advisory and allied service includes but not limited to:

Entrepreneur Services

  • Complete and submit - federal and state applications for identification numbers
  • Apply for business license
  • Registration for - state income tax and sales tax withholding and remittance
  • Accounting and database software selection, customization and implementation
  • Staff Training
  • Choice of business entity, including analysis of tax ramifications, legal protections and employee benefits options

Business Consulting

SGC offers integrated version of business consulting to ensure all ends meet, we club Management Consulting with Technology consulting and Business Process Outsourcing services and ensures that our clients gets end to end scalable services and the loops gets closed.

We deal with complex problems through simple solutions, our Management consulting services are further bifurcated to very specific Industry Services (IS)where we work for the industry issues and bigger problems whereas the Functional Services (FS) deals with the problems within the verticals of the company be it HR, Finance or Logistics.

Technology consulting may contain a unique implementation of some backend infrastructure or development of some solution or outsourcing technology.

Our sophisticated BPR services can provide you an edge over your competitor or get you over with a never ending organizational locked horns or could be working out the most easier or smarter way of doing a job.

Risk Mitigation Services

Risk mitigation is defined as taking steps to reduce adverse effects or rather cover the worst. Risk mitigation techniques are custom made and are unique to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. It's important to develop a strategy that closely relates to and matches your company's profile, our experts can help you ensure you are protected and guide you through the techniques of:

Entrepreneur Services

  • Risk Acceptance
  • Risk Avoidance
  • Risk Limitation
  • Risk Transference

Whichever stage you are in.

About Samsun Godwin Consulting

Samsun Godwin, a well established network of business consultants based out of Dubai, helps you set up, market and manage your company in the UAE. Our experienced team of professionals can help you start your business anywhere in the UAE, be it the Mainland, Free Zone or Offshore.

We take care of all your business needs from day one itself, starting from your initial query to your final choice. Our commitment in providing our clients with the very best and our exceptional customer service standards form the grounds of our core value system. Our expert team is quick to identify your needs and deliver to your exact requirements in the most efficient manner.

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