Your Website Content is Stolen, Here’s What You Can Do?

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Creating a website takes both effort and time, and it’s quite sad when you see that the content and its design being replicated elsewhere on another site. Shocked that this could probably not happen at all, not true at all! No, not at all…in fact, it is far more common than you would have thought possible.

And, if you are establishing a new business setup in UAE or Dubai, and for that, you go ahead and hire a new agency to do up your site and content. You spend months visualising the site, creating the right content and you finally have your site up and running. Then, while surfing the Internet, you find the site design and site content on a rival’s site. Shocked and feeling helpless at what to do next, stop feeling panicked for there’s help at hand now…

Follow these tips when you discover your website content and design is stolen

Once You Know that the content is stolen, don’t wait up; rather be very vocal about the stealing. Content and design stealing is also stealing and you are the victim. So, rather than thinking, how they did it and why they did it? Go ahead and shoot an email to the owner of that website. The majority opinion is that any kind of stealing ‘yes website and content stealing too’ [is stealing], and should be dealt with quite strictly. In fact, when you shoot an email to the website owner, you are actually telling them that ‘you’are aware of the fraud. This removes any possibility of defence on account of unintentional duplication. Sometimes, the owner of the website is not aware of the stealth, and the agency has probably been inspired and has duplicated site design and the content.

Talk to the Hosting Server, Advertisers & Popular Search Engine, especially, GoogleAfter you have informed the owner of the site, go ahead and talk to the company hosting that site. Usually, any known server firm hosting the website as well as reputed advertisers don’t want to be associated with a firm that indulges in fraudulent practices and plagiarizes. In fact, Google is also not tolerant of these practices either and blacklists firms that indulge in plagiarism.

Understand When and if You Are A Victim. It’s important to know and understand when you are a victim and take help of the sites, Google, Copy Scape, etc that help you understand if the site content design and content is stolen. If you know and understand that you are a victim then be aware of the issues and your rights. Understanding that you are a victim is the first step towards rectification of the wrongdoing and malpractice, as it maybe.

Go Ahead andTake Legal Action against the Concerned Party. If the theft is intentional, then don’t be scared of initiating legal action. The firm which plagiarizes content will, of course, not respond to calls, emails, etc. Consult a legal teamif you have one, or if you know a lawyer then initiate a lawsuit against the firm that has plagiarized either content and design or both.

Usually in a knowledge economy, the race for unique content and standout designs is fought keenly. And, if you have worked hard to create unique content that scores high on search engines and this is copied then the ensuing anger is obviously strong.

But now, there’s help at hand. In the world of Internet Interconnectivity, stealing content and design doesn’t go unnoticed any longer! Go ahead and follow these tips if you feel your site content and design has been stolen.

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