What Makes Dubai Attractive for Expats

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According to a survey that covered 14,000 expats in 160 countries, expat social group InterNations, revealed interesting facts of expat life. These include – 26 percent of expats are considering ‘not to return,’ British citizens top this list, and that the happiest country to reside in happens to be Ecuador.

This survey threw up interesting questions as well. Dubai, the most preferred destination for expats from India, led me to think about what the move to Dubai would entail for expats. This article will examine what you need to know for a ‘successful’ life in Dubai.

The disposable income story…There is no income tax in Dubai unlike in India where a major share of your income is taxed. Petrol and cars are cheaper. But the tax-free income is often an illusion. This is because the rent is extremely high and school fees can take up a major share of your so-called tax-free income. The reality is that if you shift to Dubai/UAE, you will have a better standard of life, but if you think, you can save a ‘huge amount’ – then that’s a myth. Expenses such as health insurance [if not paid for by your employer], flights back home, and dental care are expensive so that tax-free income diminishes right before your eyes.

Dubai is not only about the skyline…That’s another common myth about life in Dubai – of gleaming malls, futuristic and impressive buildings, perpetually fed by movies and TV shows about Dubai/UAE that they focus on. Instead Dubai is also about the desert; watching the sand dunes whistling in the winds, the scent of horses and camels, of people lounging around the shades of trees, just like you see in India. Choose well, Dubai is a land of contrasts and offers the choice of a life you want.

The oppressive summer heat…Despite living in a tropical country like India, where summers in many parts are dry, oppressive and tough, people think they can negotiate the heat there. Unfortunately, the weather there is a different ball game. Summers in Dubai are difficult to sustain, the humidity is very high, and you tend to be dehydrated and tired all the time – it’s a tough life out there in the summers. So, if you are not a summer person, factor that in.

On the plus side, Dubai offers all the perks of an international city combined with the excitement of an emerging market, top-notch job opportunities, a high quality of life and it’s a country where you can actually ‘kick-start’ your career.

Keep these facts in mind, compare the salary or opportunity you are getting and you should be able to ‘have a successful life’ in Dubai!

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