What if Retailers and Big-Ticket Developers Join Hands during the Dubai Shopping Festival?

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If you are keen to start a business in UAE or Freezone Business setup Dubai or LLC Company setup Dubai then, this is the right time. Yes, it is an exciting time to be in Dubai, especially with the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) going on. It is an important event in the calendar, a much widely awaited event, always in the news for the discounts and bonanzas that it rains down on shoppers every year.

Freebies in the form of gold coins, raffle draws for luxury cars, makeover sessions and holidays to exotic locations are offered. In fact, retailers go all out in an effort to woo shoppers and cement Dubai’s position as a ‘shopping destination.’ The only thing that is kept out of the purview is perhaps houses. In the era of raining freebies, the Dubai Shopping Festival or DSF is yet to see any developer or builder offer luxury houses, villas or even 2-3 BHK houses in the raffle draw. Retailers are known to get swayed and offer mega-freebies, so the question is why not offer houses in the raffle draw as a strategy.

Let’s see how this could be an effective marketing strategy if retailers join hands with builders/developers to offer houses in the raffle draw.

Dubai is a known regional property hub but is yet to see any schemes launched by developers during the DSF. Agreed houses and villas are high-end and extremely expensive, yet it is also true that if this is offered to big spenders, then ‘they’ could be ‘encouraged’ to spend even more.

Some of the reputed names, such as the Damac Properties have announced giveaways of luxury cars like Lamborghini, Aston Martins, Mercedes Benz, BMWs, etc. The question is these are equally expensive ‘draws’ and if these can be offered as a raffle draw prizes, then why not houses. It’s true that these cars are offered to buyers who agree to pay at least 20 percent of a unit’s sales price during the month-long promotion at the DSF; and the same policy could be applied to houses too.

Dubai is a regional property hub and as such, there are builders with projects, at hand. If they join hands with retailers and offer interesting schemes at the time of the DSF, then it could be a killer combination. The real estate market and the retail market will get the much-needed boost. It would work to the benefit of both the sectors. The DSF is already an established event and brand, and the real-estate market is also on the upswing again. This would then be the right time to attract tourists and buyers and stimulate them to buy more. This can only mean good things for the economy. The dictum of more spending stimulating more money in the market, and as such, boosting the health of the economy and GDP can’t be overemphasized.

This is also a kind of a foolproof plan. The chances of winning a prized apartment in Dubai is sure to lure a lot of potential buyers. It is possible to attract high-value and high-net-worth individuals to come to Dubai during the event through such innovative schemes. It opens wide the ‘potential market’ for the developers too. The tourists coming in during the DSF are not the actual target markets for the developers/builders in Dubai. However, if developers join hands with retailers, and start offering houses in the raffle draw, then they would most probably attract an entirely ‘new target audience’ to come to Dubai at the time of the DSF. This will be good for the real-estate market and eventually, the economy, since Dubai is not a typical oil-economy.

If retailers and real-estate moguls are listening and take note, then DSF will be even grander and will open the gates to a more exciting market!

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