Video to Rule the Internet Space in 2016

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Customer engagement is of prime importance – be it for attracting new business or retaining existing clients. So, if you have plans for a company setup in Dubai or a Dubai Freezone company setup, then think about utilizing video for building and increasing customer engagement. Videos and images tell a thousand stories and leave a greater impact on the minds of the audience. Think of Netflix, which launched with a bang simultaneously in 130 new country territories; this clearly shows that there must be a huge demand for video content and that too, a persistent one!

If you are planning to make the big jump by a business setup in Dubai, then having an online presence is a must! And, in that zone, think seriously about video content. As per a latest report by Cisco, videos will account for nearly 69 percent of the total volume of consumer Internet traffic by 2017, and close to two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will in fact be video in the coming year. The user consumption trend is such that brands do not or should not in fact, underestimate the catalyst that video content will prove for customer engagement.

In fact, with the introduction of Netflix in the GCC region, it is clear that the demand for video content is huge in the area. The worldwide internet and its popularity emphasize clearly that popular media is here to stay since it provides good video content for consumers. The trends released for the Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa show that the figures will touch $2.64 billion by the year 2020 and with the entry of Netflix in the region, the trajectory will move forward.

With a huge and increased demand for video consumption, businesses will take this change forward, and now, on the mobile. From the time of the television to the start of the smartphones and tablets, video has managed to come into its own. Video connects more to the audience at a deeper level and keeps them better engaged. A testimony of its popularity can be gauged by the popularity enjoyed by YouTube and, even news done in the form of videos.

With the introduction and widespread use of high-bandwidth internet across all kinds of devices, online video has evolved as a powerful and smart marketing tool. Thus, for businesses these days, it’s quite important to adopt a scalable strategy and using video as a smart communication tool. Effective video strategy is important for expanding with the content. Videos can be used as an effective marketing strategy and needs to be incorporated as an important clog in creating an effective marketing strategy.

Among marketing tools, videos offer the best possible business returns, so from, short video content on social sites to those on your site, to those running on an open online video platform, brands are actually stepping out to help you achieve the requisite business results.

So, what are you waiting for? Shoot that video, incorporate it into your marketing strategy and see the results!

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