Top 5 Small Businesses to Start in Dubai

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Dubai is a buzzing market, considered to be extremely lucrative for investors and small business opportunity seekers. Here’s a lowdown of the potential top 5 businesses that will offer a win-win combination for investors and business-seekers.

Temporary Employment/Placement Agencies

Jobs are shrinking globally yet the placement agencies in Dubai are doing quite well. Simply because, they have bucked the trend and are now, filling up temporary positions. Part-time recruitment firms and firms that specialize in filling up the niche jobs will make the cut and continue to be a safe bet as a business.


Education is big business, anywhere you go in the world. This is even more so for UAE since the working expat population is young or has young children. The schools in UAE charge an exorbitant amount as charges but hardly provide the kind of quality education desired by many. As such, more and more parents with school-going children are opting for tuitions for their kids. This demand for added curricular support, has led to mushrooming of tuition centres. These tuition centres means big bucks, so if you can provide quality after-school education support, then there’s nothing more lucrative.

Repair or Handyman Services

Buying new products are cheaper than finding someone to repair a broken-down unit. From home-improvement to the auto industry, the options are unlimited. Since the expat population in Dubai is huge, they prefer getting their products {bought back home} repaired. Unfortunately, there are no proper places to get that done still. This is a low-cost, low-investment business idea with potential for huge returns.

Real Estate Consultant

The demand for real-estate is growing and so is the supply of expat population lured by the buzz of Dubai. This has created a demand for real-estate consultants who can help rent out, buy, and suggest options for investment-buying and much more.  To start off, it’s an extremely interesting business option with scope for great growth.

Event Management

A great business to start out with, which offers huge potential for growth and returns, event management is trending.  Low investment or zero-investment option, it only needs you to have a great networking and co-ordinating ability. The only criterion is that you ensure that the event goes on smoothly and without a hitch and you would be assured of repeat orders.

So, seize the opportunity when it’s available and get set for an adrenalin-rushed ride into the future of possibilities and options.

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