Things to do before you start your start up

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Is your idea is great enough?

Will it be profitable?

Will it groom in the era of slow economy?

In life there are many things that you already know and many which you don’t have any idea about,and obviously can’t get to know those things until you experience them.Many great ideas are just lost because of lack of preparation to take a calculated risk and to act. So it is better to prepare yourself for the war coming and for the unknown enemies who are meant to stop you at any cost.

So the first and foremost question is that Knock Block Off after this is HOW?

Nobody in this world can providean exact answer of this but of course some points which are common for all startups and which are to be kept in mind while planning for startupsare discussed below.

Validate your idea

Without validating your idea don’t work on the business. Unless you know that the idea will hit the market place and you are launching the perfect need of the customer, don’t move ahead. It is the foremost need to perform a market research before business startup.

Search out type of industry

In general if you want to start up a business, try to find the best suite….A type of industry in which you can fit your style and talent with low cost and efforts. The type of business industry you choose will also impact on the legal and financial responsibilities on your door…so when you hone in on a specialty area seek out the consultants for proper guidance.

Find out the competition

You can do better only when you know what your competition is, whom to compete with and how? Make sure you have sustainable business idea. Explore the market as market is a good starting point. Seek out your competitors –visit the place, website, read articles, be a customer or anything else.

Funding…Think A Bit …A lot

If you want to invest in your business, or you want to plan for a loan, then it’s worth planning from day one. You must set up an accounting and cash flow system setup before you begin. This will help you to safeguard yourself from burring in invoices/receipts – learn and explore the concept to avoid financial burdens.

Pick a name

Choose the right business name – Straightforward, distinguished characteristic, effectiveand should reflect the type of business.

Redefine your idea

Be the de facto choice for customers…study the competition and find who else is running the same concept? How well? Learn from others mistake – find the scope to enhance the current offerings. Be the one what the customer appreciate and willing to pay.

​Grasp marketing tactics

Don’t be a market whiz… Stand…Start and build up the marketing strategy from ground up. You can make the marketing easy via any joint venture or making the web presence through social media.

There you have it: Samsun Godwin offers a complete solution to your startup from the ground up.

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