The Importance of Knowledge Support for your Dubai Business

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Doing business is much more than just, as they say, location, capital and manpower. Getting your business off to a great start in the UAE is no different. Indeed, as an entrepreneur, there are a few things that are super critical – and we can help you with each one of them. At Samsun Godwin, we like to call them ‘Knowledge Support Services’. So let’s take a quick look at what they are:

The introductory pitch: This introduces your dream to your prospective clients. This may include your trade name, your first look (i.e. your website) and its details and even your stationery.

Critical Learnings: Once you begin, your self-realization window opens and goes hand in hand with your learning curve. Your knowledge, key skills and abilities, all increase to keep pace with your growth.

Choosing business structure: The kind of business structure you chose will define your strategies and their adjustments in the times ahead, so this deserves serious consideration.

Planning: Needless to say, this is a key area. Not surprisingly, for certain type of businesses, some Free Zones and the Mainland have made it mandatory to have a business plan before you apply for the licence.

Finances: Money is another major thing to manage. It will go a lot farther if it’s spent more judicially in the early days, and this is where the criticality of professional accounting advice comes in. An even bigger question is to raise money in case of need and emergencies.

Bank account: It’s important to decide the kind of bank account that will be the best insurance to choose for your business type.

Marketing and PR: It’s important to advertise your business to ensure that relevant audiences and markets are aware of your presence and can reach you. In today’s high paced digital age – it all begins with a professionally designed website (that is device agnostic), a social media presence, and marketing and targeting activities on google and other platforms. It’s best to outsource this to an expert, so that you and your resources are free to focus on more critical aspects of your business.

Staffing: Once your new business hits a certain threshold of success, you will need to fuel your growth by appropriate staffing – and you will need assistance in this area.

Signing off: The first lease is an exciting mark in every entrepreneur’s endeavour of achievement. You may need some expert advice here as well.

It’s better to opt with a veteran guide who can sustain the momentum over long distances, instead of one who’s good only for short bursts. As an old Chinese says, “Skip the rest, Go with the best!” 

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