The Five Factors to Keep in Mind While Shifting to Dubai

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Are you thinking of shifting to the UAE for better business opportunities? If yes, then, there’s no better time than now…since Dubai is buzzing with opportunities. Here’s what you need for a smooth shift to UAE/Dubai.

Is it hot? Is it too hot? How’s the weather? This question takes on an added significance in Dubai/UAE and is no longer ‘part’ of a polite conversation opener. Rather, it is the conversation itself.  This stays wonderfully pleasant for half of the year from September to March and goes to hot and humid during summers. Weather can be a real grouse for people not aware or not-well adjusted to the extremity of weather conditions during summers.Take that account before you contemplate the big move.

Is it good for raising a family? Yes, since it is a safe place, strategically located, and yet, affording all the luxuries of modernity. The multicultural environment develops your child into a global ciitizen right from school days. There’s no proper research as such on the break-up of costs, but keep in mind that according to Emirati laws, UAE parents can sponsor their daughters throughout their lifetime, though for sons, it’s valid only till they attain the age of 18 years.

Banking and commerce? Dubai is one of the friendliest cities in the world and the taxation laws are quite lax and friendly to investors and people looking for business. Unlike India, the red-tape is much low, and then there’s the added benefit of repatriating the entire amount back home.

Entertainment: Entertainment and liesure is the only focus of a team in PMs office, they want to convert Dubai into full fledged Disneyland in coming years as put out by the government. The huge amusement parks, theme parks, rides, safaris, dessert, lovely water sports, malls, multiplexes, extreme sports Dubai have it all.

Work Life Balance. Dubai/UAE offers good work-life balance. Home life is peaceful with agencies available offering specialized home help at affordable rates. Work pressure in Dubai is just like any other country, unlike India, where it is much worse.

With all these factors that speak out in favour of the ‘shift’ to Dubai/UAE, what are you waiting for?

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