The Challenges of Dubai Infrastructure Projects

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Dubai’s iconic buildings are famed the world over – from the Burj Al Arab to Palm Islands, Ski Dubai, Burj Khalifa, Deira Clocktower, Dubai Marina to the Dubai Internet City. It’s a long list out there, fantastic buildings combined with meticulous planning has given rise to some truly interesting architecture marvels.

Infrastructure is one of the key criterion as well for overall economic development and a concern area for those interested in a new business setup in Dubai or company setup in Dubai.

Let’s look at three challenges that the infrastructure projects are facing at present and their possible solutions.

Challenge No. 1: Investment is there, interest is there but despite that the pace is slow or sluggish at best. The project scale in Dubai is mega but the problem is that these projects also need cutting-edge technology support, involve multi-stakeholders and use a complex layer of systems and permissions – that require a great deal of support from different parties.

Possible Solution: Complex projects need motivated and smart leaders to take it forward. It’s a lot of work, needs careful monitoring and planning, a positive work environment as well as complete tracking of different correlated events – again needing careful and adept multi task-handling and co-operation.

Challenge No. 2: Multi-layered complex projects need on-the-job project managers aware of and capable of handling communication needs of multiple stakeholders. At any given level, the project manager has to be aware of why the project is/was done, objective of the project, aware of relationships with other partners and customers, etc. As such, he or she has to be fully conversant with the roadmap of the project and convey the same to different partners in the project, both inside and outside.

Possible Solution: The only way out is meticulous planning and getting the right resources to lead the project since no project in Dubai is an ordinary project.

Challenge No. 3: Another major challenge facing the Dubai infrastructure projects is building integrated facilities to support the upcoming infrastructure. That means better transit systems; even better road connectivity, environmental sustainability issues, control processes in place to ensure harmonious surroundings and liveable environment for all.

Possible Solution: Dubai already boasts of the best infrastructure facilities in the world, what is needed is ‘even’ better coordination of the same. For that, the communication channels have to be smartened up to cope with the even more sophisticated infrastructure projects taking shape there.

Verdict: Despite the challenges that Dubai’s infrastructure projects are facing at present, the city still boasts of one of the most sophisticated and marvellous structures. Flexible legislation, engaged partnership with the private sector and smart integration with all transit systems and roads network, according to Mattar Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will be the way forward as quoted in the recently held Dubai Mega Projects forum.

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