Teamwork makes the dream Work

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Good teams win matches. But the great ones, as they say, win championships. When you are out on your own in an alien land (such as the UAE), it’s best trying to crack the success code with a team – rather than solo. A great team. One that understands where you are coming from. One that knows where you are headed. And one that lets you get on with your big vision, by taking care of everything else.

Say Hello to the Samsun Godwin team. As a team of veteran consultants that’s been helping companies set up base and grow to the next level in the UAE, we understand your dream. And have the wherewithal to make it work.

Let’s scratch the surface a little deeper to see exactly what that means.

First off, let’s talk range. You see, when you are about to set up a business foundation in UAE, there are a thousand little and big ‘variables’ that you need to tackle. And it goes way beyond just finding the right location, or getting the infrastructure and people in place. You need a team that’s versatile enough to be able to handle them all – including the curve-balls bound to come up along the journey. And this is precisely what we are good at. Be it setting-up, registration, trade licenses, formation (inland) and incorporation (off-shore), document clearance, accounting, management, corporate immigration services, visiting sites, Visa application,  residence permits, banking, identification of local sponsors or building bridges with potential business partners, Samsun Godwin offers an inclusive services umbrella that comes in handy at every step of the way.

Then comes the matter of ‘staying up to speed’. Only an organization with a permanent presence in UAE (as we do) can guarantee up-to-date knowledge on latest developments in procedures and policy changes. This is critical, since procedures and dynamics change frequently owing to ever changing scenarios – and the information is not always updated online. For example, institutions like banks and financial bodies amend their policies regularly and even small changes can affect the process of opening bank accounts for new business setups in the UAE. This makes it imperative to have an expert by one’s side – and this is where SGC comes in handy. We provide all relevant information and solutions best suited to the specific needs of every business. And make sure you never skip a beat.

Finally, there’s the matter of running from pillar to post. When you’re busying focussing on taking your business off the ground, the last thing you want to do is kill time moving from ‘window’ to ‘window’. When you have us as a partner, though, you don’t need to. As a ‘360 degree enabler’, Samsun Godwin is equipped to take care of all your needs comprehensively – right from the initial query to the final step and literally everything else in between. And by delivering it all through a ‘single window’, we act as a one-stop solution to all your requirements, demands and worries.

Teamwork makes the dream, work. So tell us about your dream. And let’s get to work.

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