Smart Cities – How smart is Smart? Focus on Dubai

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Smart is in, especially when it comes to Urban Development. Whether it is Narendra’s Modi and India’s focus on ‘building’ smart cities or Dubai Design District’s focus on building an innovative business community and smart living – smart is really in. To understand the concept of smart in ‘smart cities’ and smart living, one needs to understand the tenets of what makes a city ‘smart’ for its residents.

Let’s see what exactly is smart and what makes it the ‘trending concept’ in Dubai.

Smart Dubai governance is built around the four main principles of efficient, seamless, safe and impactful covering the main dimensions of Smart Economy, Smart Living, Smart Environment, Smart People, Smart Governance and Smart Mobility. Technology is being leveraged to ensure that living becomes comfortable for the residents of that city.

In a new initiative, the Dubai Design District or d3, a part of the Tecom Group, has introduced 21 smart initiatives to create smart cities in line with Dubai’s philosophy. There would be wide-ranging collaborations with the various other departments such as the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, the Roads and Transport Authority and Empower, a number of customized and bespoke initiatives are being undertaken to ensure that living indeed becomes smart.

All these initiatives are in line to make Dubai the ‘happiest city’ in the world. Usually, countries and cities focus on making cities comfortable for the residents by ensuring access to amenities designed to make life good. The focus in the case of Dubai is a bit different. The focus is on making ‘Dubai the happiest city’ in the world. No other country in the world has strived for that and in that sense, what the government is trying to achieve through a smart Dubai is indeed commendable. Only time can tell if it has been a successful experiment!

So, if you are keen on an LLC Company setup Dubai or a Freezone business setup Dubai or want to start a business in UAE then, now is the time to take the plunge. At present, we can only look at the different ‘smart things’ that are being planned for the future. The Internet of Things will play a major part in this. Several life-quality enhancing initiatives are being thought about – with technology as an enabler.

These include smart parking metres, smart energy metres, smart waste management to ensure sustainable, resource management and energy efficient development. There would smart access control, data utilization through data virtualization to serve customer and market trends. This would mean a better experience or experiential living through partners at the commercial, retail level for the community-at-large.

In fact, Dubai is being showcased to be the harbinger of smart cities worldwide. Internet of Things will change the concept of technology and bring about communities that are smart and happier in the long run. Technology will make that happen in the times to come.

Smart cities will also ensure that business is being conducted smoothly to ensure a happy experience for the residents. Changing the focus from ‘satisfaction to happy’ or residents – means raising the bar high – to ensure that residents truly enjoy their life.

Better quality of life by leveraging technology will no longer be a pipedream but will actually be an achievable dream! Let’s hope the Dubai dream is realized soon, for our sake!

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