Six Rules for Building Your Brand Story

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“If people like you, they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you” – Zig Ziglar, the famous American author, salesman par excellence and motivational speaker had once said.

For any type of business, building ‘your brand’ story is important. That is what makes or breaks any business. The next question that flows from this is – how is branding done? Branding is not the logo, the web design, the business cards – it’s all of this and much more. Your brand is your identity in the world of business – it’s like that business card that you exchange when you meet someone for the first time.

Similarly, your brand is your ‘first’ introduction to the world at large, your customers, and your clients. Brand is more ‘like’ an experience and building a brand story for your business means building up your businesses’ worth and reputation. That’s why building up your brand story becomes so important in today’s times.

Are there any rules for building your brand? Yes…

Highlight what makes you stand out. While building the brand story, keep in mind the USP of your business/service. Focus and build on the ‘unique’ aspect and make that the talking point.

Create that winning look. Work on what makes you stand out and incorporate that into your brand story. Look at the business of your competitor and then decide what works for you – make that the basis of your web design and logo.

Concentrate on content marketing. Start blogging for the firm, service and get more hits to the site. This will eventually lead to more business and bring in more advertising and more cash flow options.

Consistency is the key. Decide on the key message, decide on the brand and keep at it. Consistency combined with uniqueness creates that perfect brand story for your company, business, service or consultancy. It sends out the right message.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Linked to consistency, SEO means getting the keywords right for your particular business and generating more hits on your blogs or website. This will get the customers who need what you are offering.

Keep it Crisp and Keep it Concise. Keeping it short, sweet and simple – a ‘newsroom advice’ that can never let you go wrong with creating the message and branding story.

Follow these six rules, create some of your own rules and see the difference that branding makes to your business!

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