Six Free Apps That Your Start Up Business Desperately Needs

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At some point of time in everyone’s life, their inner entrepreneur awakens. Most people ignore it out of anxiety or fear of failure, but a select few decide to establish their very own start-up. Managing your own small-scale business can be very difficult at the initial stages. One has to learn how to organize tasks, keep an eye on the status of various assignments and keep track of the business’s accounts. Fortunately, there are now many (free) apps which can ease the initial hardships associated with running a start-up. Have a look:

  • Trello:

Trello is one of the best apps for organizing and assigning projects among team members. Each member of a team can create a “card” for every task and sort them out by putting them into different “lists”. Team members can also add images or comments, deadlines and even colour-code a particular “card”. Once a task or objective is completed or achieved, the corresponding card can be moved, and other team members will also know about it. Trello also integrates with other start-up related apps such as Slack or GitHub.


  • Slack:

As business expands, the internal communication among team-mates also exponentially increases. It’s not easy to manage such communications on simple email or messaging apps. Here’s where Slack come in. Slack also lets one segregate team conversations into different categories. Thus, the communications relating to different projects can be put into respective categories. It also allows direct messaging and private groups, for more confidential messages. Even performing ‘searches’ is a lot more convenient on ‘Slack’.


  • Mint:

Keeping track of expenses may have been the last thing on one’s mind during college days, but for small-scale entrepreneurs, keeping account of even minor expenses or revenue matters a lot. Using Mint, one can view all expenses and profits at a single glance and can also categorize transactions. Mint also has a reminder feature to remind users to pay their bills on time.


  • Sunrise Calendar:

Sunrise Calendar, which has been acquired by Microsoft, is perfect for scheduling meetings and events. The app also reminds you of upcoming meetings. The simple and space efficient interface allows users to quickly glance at their schedule and assess what kind of day they have ahead.


  • Evernote:

Althoughmany of us use Evernote, most of us do not utilize all the features this remarkable app has to offer. Notes can be automatically synced among various devices, and thus be used to share thoughts, plans and other information among team members. The ‘time tracking’ feature helps one to evaluate productivity and accordingly find weak spots. The free version of the app allows users to upload a maximum of 60 MB of data every month. Evernote can also be used to scan business cards. Not bad, right?


  • Focus@Will:

There are several music apps out there, but if you need music that compels you to focus and tune-out all external distractions, you need Focus@Will. The creators of the app claim that it can help increase attention by 400%, but some users have found it to work even better than that.



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