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Over 60 countries come to Dubai to fulfil their bulk buying needs (Re-exports is the main business activity of Dubai, apart from gold, diamond and financial trading). The best way of ensuring that you never run out of buyers (especially from such markets as that of Dubai, UAE, Middle East, Africa and the Russian Federation) is to set up your company in the Dubai Mainland. Before doing so, though, it is imperative to have a local sponsor or partner.

If you choose to conduct business in Dubai mainland, you will need to register with DED, who will issue you with a Dubai business license. Should you require assistance at any stage of getting a DED business license, simply call or write to us.

Eight steps to setting up your company in Dubai mainland:

Step 1: Selecting your business activity: We will ensure you get all the possible combinations available in a license group to help you avail the maximum benefit.

Step 2: Selecting a legal for your business: Our team will guide you based on your requirements about LLC, PJHC, Branch or Civil Company, helping you decide upon the most suitable form for your business.

Step 3: Selecting a trade name for your business: While the choice is yours, it’s good to keep in mind that common names are not easily available.

Step 4: Applying for initial approval certificate: Our team expedites the entire process, after completing all documentation. We can also pick up (and drop) the documents from your place, saving you cost and hassle.

Step 5: Preparing a memorandum: Our experts will ensure that your business type and structure gets the protection, security, longevity and convenience it deserves, through a well drafted memorandum.

Step 6: Establishing your business location: While this is your choice, do consider that rental value will impact trade license cost.

Step 7: Procuring licensing approvals: Again, our experienced team will help you at every step and turn.

Step 8: Collecting your business license: You can collect your license and resident visa from us.

Ready to build lucrative bridges with global clients? Activate your business in Dubai Mainland today!

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