Looking for a House in Dubai Here What 2016 has in Store for You

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When you are thinking of a business setup in Dubai, the first thing that comes to mind is where to stay? If you are married and have family accompanying you, then the next question is which locality would suit you and your family the best?

Choosing to stay in a particular location is important since it dictates which places are good and safe for families. A particular location also helps decide your job commute, expenses for living, safety, etc.

So living just anywhere doesn’t cut it anymore. Rather, where you are living is what really matters. So, whether it is a Dubai Freezone company setup or LLC Company formation in Dubai, where you will stay is an equally important question.

In fact, one thing that abounds in Dubai is the housing. Combine that with stabilization of rents that are being seen in the region, the Dubai tenants now have an option to upgrade or change their accommodation. In the recently concluded Expo 2020, the trends clearly showed that the tenants were moving out of really expensive pockets in Dubai and moving into more affordable and cheaper housing, thus, locking in the rents.

What Does The Trend Mean? This trend clearly means that the neighbourhoods in Dubai are seeing high move-in rates and high-move out rates. In fact, Dubai is known for its landmark buildings and awe-inspiring architecture and thus, some upcoming areas such as the Dubailand and the Jumeirah Village are seeing a lot of people move in.

Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Downtown Dubai and the DIFC, Business Bay and the Jebel Ali Village neighbourhoods are the posh and established neighbourhood of Dubai. Thus, influx of tenants’ moving in and out of these zones is much higher compared to others.

There are more and more areas coming up in the vicinity and newer areas are being developed. Also, rents in prime locations have seen a decrease of two to seven percent in 2015. Hence, it is clear that Dubai residents are seeking alternate options in accommodation in newer areas where rents have become more stable, for example, say, in the Central Districts.

What Does This Mean for Would-Be Residents? This clearly means that as residents in Dubai, you have more options to choose from. Tenants and property buyers will both emerge as winners.

It also means that it is a consumer-driven market and residents and consumers would be the final gainers in terms of prices. They would also push up the quality of the projects while pushing down the prices. This simply means that as consumers, whether as tenants or buyers, they get to enjoy the best prices and quality projects. In an already competitive real-estate market, this means that the consumers are spoilt for choice.

Dubai and the UAE offer one of the best environments for relocation and new business setup and now, you know why.

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