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Start-up- get rich by making millions

If you have a sole aim of succeeding even if you start from scratch…Its time to wake up from your dreams. Decide, plan and change your business planning into lucrative venture. A venture that can help you turn your chunks into valuable assets. If any brilliant idea is boiling up in your head, just jot it down and have a reality check to provide a shape.

For start-up, to tap out the billion dollar market of the UAE,first go for discovery – what works and what does not, who helps and who cannot? Make a business plan, forecast finance, find investors and envisage market strategies. A commonly used question that may bother you – how to start? Some people have enough funds but lack in execution whereas some execute it well but lack financially. Concept, finance, desire to achieve new heights in business…it’s a never ending list – Come Samsun Godwin helps you to be different.

Talking about business perspective- for qualitative assessment of performance and progress of venture, metrics are considered. We Samsun Godwin consider all the essential metrics for any business and help you to get what you want. We provide business startup services and solutions to every entrepreneur who is willing to relocate in UAE at an affordable cost.

What does Samsun Godwin do?

Samsun Godwin Consulting –  a well establish network of business consultants based in Dubai that help investors and businessmen in making business venture in the UAE. They help you to decide your workplace – Mainland LLC, Free Zone, Offshore or anywhere in the UAE.

Our main aim is to provide you all – Basic need of business startup from planning, getting possession letter of the business in hand and residence. Doesn’t Sound Good?

Methodology used?

To start a business all the procedures are officially required and are commonly done in practice, along with the time and cost to comply with. The procedure includes meeting you in person to understand your need, doing assessment, providing recommendation, preparing and discussing quotation and documentation.

Assessment– Collecting information to demonstrate the business startup effectively which is focused on – business learning and development outcome.

Recommendations – Difference between you being accepted or rejected.

Quotation – Statement of promises to your request. Price list & Estimates.

Documentation – Everything needs to be documented – document and fee submission to Dubai Government.

Approach – what to do?

Samsun Godwin just performs all the sets of procedures to make it easier to cut tie after business fizzle. Swipe right from – choosing a brand name, signing key documents, Follow-ups from the government departments and authorities, implementing PRO services, obtaining License and processing visa.

Accommodation (Sakan) – No problem!

Your preference – we help you to settle down in Dubai. Not only you – your family, your staff everyone.

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