In Business Remember Efficiency and Effectiveness is Different

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Large-scale industries often talk about employee’s efficiency and effectiveness when that wants to come up with new ways to improve business profitability. Aren’t they sounding similar? But there is a huge difference between them; efficiency is entirely different from effectiveness. An employee produces at a high level if effective, while produces intelligently and quickly when efficient.

Combine both – Effectiveness and efficiency and you can turn out product quicker and with fewer assets. These are essential in accessing and measuring the business performance and growth.


Definition: Doing the exact things to generate the outcome you want

It is the level of results from the action of both – you and employee. Those who show effectiveness in the place of work produce high quality results.


Definition: Doing things exact to produce constant and speedy results.

It is time you take to complete the task. If you and your employees have defined time saving strategies than efficiently you can complete the tasks with less number of resources.

Improve effectiveness with Samsun Godwin:
  • Take the initiative to take performance review
  • Explore your weaknesses and turn them into strong skill
  • Explain how an employees performance is directly proportionate to success
  • Advise how to hire effective employees
  • Improve efficiency with Samsun Godwin
Improve efficiency with Samsun Godwin:
  • Advise the best tool to achieve success
  • Recommend options to improve business strategies
  • Find the missing factors
  • Advise the best use of resources and technology

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