Give your business wings in the UAE

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Take a look at a photograph of UAE from a couple of decades ago and the dusty, uninhabitable vastness overwhelms you. Cut forward to today. While the scraggly old buildings haven’t disappeared, you’ll find them hard to pick them from the blitz that blankets the region today. Yes. Balancing the charming old fishing towns with business towers that vie against each other to kiss the sky is UAE – the most economically viable places in the world to do business in (according to the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report).

Every day, hundreds of gung-ho entrepreneurs and commercial houses land in the UAE to flex their business muscles. What exactly draws them here? Well, it’s hard to pick any one reason – because there are so many of them!

A strategic geographic location with fantastic connectivity. A ‘neighbourhood’ of emerging markets. Welcoming government policies. A conducive business climate (particularly delightful for foreign companies). A tolerant and permissive culture (especially encouraging to women entrepreneurs). No taxes or foreign exchange control. Competitive import duties. Reasonable real estate costs. Superb infrastructure. State of the art communication. Friendly banking regulations. World class living standards. Low crime rates. And, of course, stunning beaches.

No matter how you look at it, when it comes to setting up a business, the UAE is hard to beat. And if you’ve got the vision and the financial brawn, you are already half way there. We say half way, because the other half of this journey can be dicey. If you don’t have a local ‘guide’, that is – one who is experienced enough to help you avoid the pitfalls and potholes, while making sure you don’t take your eyes off the target.

As an extra-ordinary business enabler that’s been helping start-ups build an ‘above the ordinary’ business presence in the UAE for some time now, we can be that ‘guide’.

So who exactly are we? Samsun Godwin is a well-established and reputed network of business consultants based out of Dubai. We bring years of insight and experience to help start-ups and fledgling businesses of all sizes set-up, market and manage their presence in the UAE. Our veteran team of professionals can help you initiate your business anywhere in the UAE – be it the Mainland, Free Zone or Offshore – in quick time. And if you are already in the UAE, we can help you expand and grow quickly.

If you have the will to leverage the matchless opportunities of the UAE, Samsun Godwin has the way.

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