Five Online Marketing Predictions for 2016

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It’s almost the year end and the time of the year when the spirits are high and everyone is having fun! Yet, it is a time when we can’t afford to ignore the Business part. New Year promises new beginnings and potential for more work.

So, let’s talk of the marketing predictions for 2016 that will rock the online space.

Content Moving Beyond the Hashtags & the Year of the Video Content. Twitter is still popular with its 140 characters yet the world has now moved beyond that. The new king of content is surprisingly the lack of content. Not clear. Then let’s elaborate further. Videos are the new type of content in vogue. Written word has not lost its sheen but it’s just shining in a new and different medium. Crisp messages reinforced with strong visuals, videos are the new thing to reckon with in content. Catering to our busy times and busy lives, videos reinforce message quite firmly and strongly.

Social Media Budgets Might Take a Hit. Social media has been on a high and as such, the budget spends have seen an increase consistently over the years. Yet, it seems now that for the first time, the focus would shift to converting the leads rather than just doing social media. Meaning – experts and others would question whether the inflated social media budgets are justified or not and whether the ‘spends’ actually convert to business leads or not. The main question would then be on the effectiveness of the social media campaigns versus just creating the buzz around a product or service. More than trends, what would actually matter is the conversion of those leads into actual business and RoI would be measured on the effectiveness of the social media budgets measured in terms of leads conversion.

Paid Search will emerge the Big Winner. Searching is now passe and paid search will be the next important trend for marketing. Yahoo announced its partnership with Google last October. This was followed close on the heels of another announcement from Yahoo where it renewed its deal with Microsoft where Yahoo agreed that Bing’s ads would appear of desktop searches that Yahoo delivers. This is an important development for businesses which rely on the online marketing medium. These new partnerships mean Google AdWords is woven into the Yahoo results, which means more prospective clients’ have the chance to find you and your business. Online marketing will become more efficient and smart.

Hyper-Targeted Marketing Mails will be the New Normal. Marketing mails are common since marketing started. The new trend in marketing will be ‘remarketing’ or hyper-targeted marketing mails intended to reach the precise target audience without wasting too much time and effort. Technology has improved and so has the intention and understanding to not spam and build networks. Email automation will come in handy in that regard, and will help build a better and stronger relationship with the relevant audience.

Content Marketing Will Become Even More Personal. What this simply means is that content will stop being generic and become more people-centric. Earlier, content was generic and an effort was made to make it cater to groups of people. With better technology and more personalised marketing efforts, content marketing will cater to the individual. The content and the sales team will have to be inter-linked in 2016 to come up with content campaigns targeted to understand the individual. This will create products and services to suit the individual taste. This can only be good news for everyone concerned.

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