Five Key Rules to Building a Successful eCommerce Site

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“The Internet affords a level of relationship with customers hitherto unfathomable” Lucas Donat

With the proliferation of the Internet, having a snazzy e-commerce site has become a sort of a mandate. And as the digital revolution gathers full steam, the importance of having a web presence has become all that more critical. This becomes even more important when it comes to a new business setup.

In this piece, let’s examine the key rules for building a successful e-commerce site which is essential to see success for a new business setup in Dubai or UAE or anywhere else for that matter.

Broadcast your USP. The first key rule is to talk about why ‘you’ are the best site to buy from. Talk about the different benefits associated with your product/service. The site should clearly state the ‘value proposition’. The thing to remember is to state right out, the benefits of ‘why people should from shop from your site’. The online space is cluttered with products and companies vying for attention so getting the value proposition right and broadcasting it in the right way counts for a lot.

KISS. Keep it simple, silly and not really what you thought. An uncluttered site helps attract visitors to the site and keep them there. Clean design, linear and smart navigation helps ensure a smooth process. Ensuring a smooth and no-problem shopping experience goes a long way in building a loyal client base.

Spoilt for Choice. Customers are spoilt for choice both in terms of sites they can shop from and the competing products/services they can choose from. To ensure you get the customers and keep them, make sure that the experience is comfortable for them. Despite what pundits would have us believe, people still like the personal touch while buying, which is sorely missing in the digital, online space. This becomes more pronounced when you are a newbie in the business so ensure your policies are correct. This involves stating clearly the privacy policies, shipping and return policies, order status updates, handling store credits, if possible get live chat [adds the personal touch and people feel more comfortable] on the site, etc.

Focus on the Products Details Page. The product detail page is where the distinction is done between a good and bad site. And, sadly, this is where lots of businesses go wrong. Too much attention is paid to usability of the home page but if you don’t categorize and put information smartly on the product details’ page where your visitors would spend the most time, then you are in for a bad time. Focus gone, attention lost, visitors gone before you can catch them again. So, put in the maximum effort on this page.

It’s all about the Money. This is true in the online digital space too. You have great products on display at cheaper rates but if there is a goof-up on the checkout process, the customer is lost to you forever. Security and privacy while checkout is critical; another thing to keep in mind is to ensure you offer multiple payment options – credit card, debit card, EMIs [if possible], net banking, Cash on Delivery are standard and offered by almost all the players in the market.

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