Dubai, the most prolific emirate of United Arab Emirates

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The powerhouse of economic development, diversified, multicultural and multi lingual superior workforce and proven track record with lots of inspiring success stories, UAE is undisputed leader in the best location to expand business, work and leisure.

UAE has laws those not only support but enhance business results, the infrastructure is in place to take on the challenges of 21st century logistics, technology, manpower, retail, medical, education and hospitality. Exactly between London and Singapore, it is perfectly located in the middle of the two main business hubs and thus enjoys the benefits of being a gateway to the lucrative markets of Middle East, Africa, Western Europe and East Asia.

The nice winter, long moderate climate and closeness to sea makes it pretty decent dwelling area in the entire gulf, this climate facilitates sporting activities and luxurious hotels clubbed with unmatched hospitality and numerous entertainment options pulls in tourists from all over the world round the year.

Superior living attracts people from all over the globe to setup business or to work with these businesses, Dubai enjoys a unique benefit of being a house of over 150 nationalities which contributes over 90% of its total population. Crime free environment, utmost safety for women and children is maintaining Dubai as world’s favorite and 1 million visitors daily visiting the city are reinforcing this belief.

Multiple Visa type available in Dubai unlike the various restrictions in immigration and dwelling conditions etc in the other Middle Eastern countries has made it possible in Dubai to run a business with best resources available moreover the open trade policies, tax free and hassle free operations are factors enough to attract entrepreneurs and businesses from all over.

No surprise that almost 400 of fortune 500 companies and 50+ of FTSE 100 companies are present here in either form giving a lot of confidence for smaller businesses to be there and that is why there are over a million Indian entrepreneurs/companies/professionals reaping the benefits of the region and the number steadily growing every year.

It is thus a high time for a growth oriented business to multiply its earnings by being present in any of the strategic sectors of Dubai where the government is providing extra benefits and the avenues are enormous.

UAE Calling!

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