Business Start-Ups in Dubai – Tips to Keep in Mind

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Start-ups are always a tough business, and more So when it comes to opening a new business or a new branch office in a new country. It means starting all over again, in an unknown territory. However, if you are thinking about the business setup in Dubai, then half your challenge is already won.

Dubai is fast emerging as a popular business destination and has caught the fancy of ‘serious investors’. It is now considered to be the ideal place for exploring professional/business opportunities – be it Dubai Freezone Company Setup or Company Setup in Dubai.

Let’s check out the dos for start-ups in Dubai.

Get a local sponsor for local business start-up. Doing things locally is difficult or easy depending on where you are doing business. Dubai already has the most supportive business environment possible, with complete support from the different government and civil authorities. It’s also bustling with plenty of opportunities. The only thing is that since you are doing business locally, hence, you need to be acquainted with facts, laws and regulations of the local place and who better to understand this, than a local. To do business in the UAE, you need to have a locally registered LLC business. For that, a UAE national has to be taken as the 51 percent partner, who is also known as a local sponsor. For this, the local partner must be given a yearly fee which can be negotiated.

Choose the Freezone. If you want to do away with the local partner bit, when you open a firm in the UAE, then you must start your business in a freezone. It’s expensive, sure, but also allows you to do the business, a bit more freely, and without too much interference. Of course, not all types of businesses are suitable for the freezone, such as restaurants, retail markets, etc, which have to be located in the City. Also, businesses which work with the government have to be registered with the local sponsors.

Confirm Visa requirements and other eligibility criterion. If you start a business in the UAE, you also need the visa for yourself and your employees. Visas are allowed for almost all types of businesses. Their number varies depending on criterion such as a size of office, nature of the business, acategory of employee or the investor. Getting a business visa is not that difficult in Dubai.

Hire a registration agent to avoid hiccups in the process. Get a business advisory firm to take you through the process of registration of a start-up. They will walk you through the process and also, set up the entire process for you and get it going. This prevents unnecessary issues later on. Yes, they have to be paid a fee, but it’s quite small compared to the amount of stress you would save for yourself. Usually, these firms come with their team of experts and help in all aspects of setting up the business.

So, what are you waiting for? Come open your start-up in Duba and the UAE!

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