Best Apps and Technology for the Real Estate Sector

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Technology has changed the way business is being done. Real estate sector is no exception, as we have already seen. In this article, we will look at the best technology apps and strategy to be adopted by the real estate agents, consultants, realtors to help boost marketing efforts.

#1 Show up Online. That’s the critical part. Unless you are online, you can’t enjoy the benefits of the technology. Online is where the customers are, online is where the business is and online is where the business has to be done. So, if you are in the real estate business, build a ‘super presence’ online. A smart and spiffy website will help you connect with prospective customers and help you get the necessary leverage.

#2 Build/Collate a Database. A database is again critical for success in this field. It is nothing but the collection of the phone numbers, addresses of your prospective customers. Having a solid database ensures you can ‘connect’ to your prospective customers and do business as well as boost your remarketing efforts.

#3 Social Media presence is a must. Whether you like it or dislike it, the point is you can’t ignore it in this day and age. Social media is where the world is, and is what the world revolves around. So, go ahead and create your social media profile – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook – profile. Do a personal profile or do a company profile and get set for an interesting ride. Social media helps get leads and helps close deals too. Think of paid Facebook advertising or Twitter campaigns.

#4 Zillow and Trulia. Trulia is a one-stop destination app for buying, selling, mortgage management, finding agents, etc. It lists homes by type, size, price range, etc, and is most helpful. Zillow also does the same thing. It helps you sell, rent, buy and estimate your home value. Zillow offers extensive listing, provides an option to save your searches and favourite homes and also helps arrive at a rough estimate for your home. It does not claim to be accurate but is more like a starting point for arriving at the value of your current and future home. There are other similar listing apps but these two mentioned are truly outstanding.

#5 Photo and Video Apps are a Must. It would be tough to call out a few. But in the business of real estate, photos and videos are a must. Clicking amazing pictures and putting them on your site will help garner the ‘right responses’ from clientele and build a strong digital presence. The photo apps will help smooth out the rough edges of the pictures you take, and create interesting collages and images for mass consumption. The video is the new content king. As such, video apps come in quite handy, when you shoot the virtual tour of an apartment for show and want to upload it to your site directly.

#6 Open Home Pro App offers a good beginning. The app advertises itself as having served more than 65,000 real estate agents, till date. Free download available for the android and apple iOs, it helps get more leads, and after each open house, the app follows up with visitors regarding the contact information, and other such details. It claims that you won’t miss out on another lead once; you are logged on to the Open Home Pro App.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, technology and apps are all set to revolutionize the way real estate functions!

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