Beautification of others is your Hobby; Dubai is calling you Nobby!

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Who is a Beautician?

The one who reveals the hidden beauty of others and helps enhance the appeal and charisma is a beautician. Although the dictionary definition says “a beautician is a person whose job is to give beauty treatment to people”.

Cosmetology is the study of beauty treatment and branches of speciality includes hairstyling, skincare, cosmetics, manicures/pedicures and electrology etc. Cosmetologists does research on everything related to beauty from daily care to specialized techniques that enhance the appearance.

Beauty therapists treats the face, hair, skin, and the body. Threading, facials, massages, skin treatments, manicure and pedicure are all included in Beauty therapy. They also advice on skin care, make up, hair style.

Beauticians specialize in doing make up for marriages, for TV and film performances and special occasions.

Specialized areas of work are electrolysis, permanent make-up used to give a permanent lip-line or eye-line, aroma therapy which uses fragrances and essences for beauty treatment, etc.

Hair stylists/hair dressers specialize in hair care, cutting, styling and setting.

All the above are supported by the second line of beauty business, these are called Beauty advisors, These people market cosmetics, help customers identify the skin/ hair type and give advice on how to treat minor ailments. They give advice on the use of cosmetics, general health/fitness advice, treatment and training is given in yoga/aerobics/health clubs by specialists in fitness and exercise.

Globally the beauty care business is to cross USD 480 Billion in year 2016 and overall personal care business to be over whooping USD 1 Trillion very soon after that, this information have a lot for those who are associated with the beauty business, especially the front end.

UAE market is at the front of this huge market share, because the high net individuals having good disposable income spend fairly high amount, Large tourists influx adds to the this number even further, few studies suggests that the average Each resident spends about Dh567 annually to make herself look good (Source emirates247), approximately 6 billion AED annual is really an amazing number. Out of this 15% (approx. AED 1.2 billion) goes to beauticians industry.

A report, commissioned by dmg events middle east, showed that one in every 10 consumers in the country is putting a premium on looking beautiful, spending AED 60,000 per year on her beauty. This is equivalent of a one bedroom apartment rental for the whole year in JLT or a small car (Source gulf news)


A survey conducted by YouGov indicated some amazing statistics like 91% of UAE Residents are using Spas and Salons every month, its shockingly huge and more than the rest of the world. Moreover above 44% are purchasing beauty treatment vouchers online and using these in salons. Ever wondered why there is a huge demand of Beauty Salons all over…

Top 3 treatments includes hair styling done by 69% each month (average rate is AED 200 per sitting), facial done by 50% and head massage by 41%.

I am sure beauticians from around the world are crazy to setup their business in Dubai for obvious reasons, because the business never stops here. Few Salons runs round the clock to take care of beauty needs of their clients.

That’s not all, according to a report published in Emirates247 news, the rates of these beauty treatments have increased by 20% to 100% in past few years. Normal Henna package costs approx. AED 400 (both hands and feet), that is incredibly high, and during festivals this goes up to AED 1000.

So how to setup a beauty Salon in Dubai or How to setup a Beauty parlour in Dubai is the next question that pops up… The licencing etc. costs approx. AED 35,000, top it up with the shop rental of approx. AED 50,000 and furniture and decoration of approx. AED 30,000, take your visa, hire 2-3 technicians and start. Take help from some good consultants in setting up parlour in Dubai.

Good running beauty parlours are always available on sale because mostly the owners fly to other countries in search of their citizenship or back home after earning hefty sums in short period in this highly lucrative business.

(AED 1 = Rs. 18.6)

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