7 ways to create winning twitter strategy for business

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In the era where we have new social media platforms coming up every year, Twitter has been successful in staying as one of the most powerful tools for businesses.

It shares features with the most common social media platforms and this makes it the most prominent of all. Also it allows you to follow anyone, including strangers which is helpful when you target potential customers. Trending on twitter is the easiest and efficient among all the social media platforms which is very necessary for a newly established business as the prime motive is to make its presence felt in the market.

Whether you are informing customers about your product or service, connecting to a new audience or promoting your brand, Twitter is the best platform for achieving all your marketing goals.

Let’s now dive into the 7 winning tactics to use Twitter for business -:

  1. Present yourself to the world
    Just having a twitter account with an incomplete and inconsistent profile will make you appear as a casual local player. Fill out all the relevant information especially the bio giving it a personal touch so that a customer can easily connect with it. Choose your handle wisely as it will represent your identity as a business. Also keep it short and concise so that when people mention you in a reply it doesn’t occupy many characters.
    Put your logo in the profile picture and in the cover picture use an image that tells your business story. Customize the background to match your business branding.


  1. Start Connecting
    Connect to your favorite customers, people who talk about your brand and those industry influencers who have the magic to market your product in the most effective manner.
    Also once you complete your profile, Twitter provides you lot of recommendations which helps you follow those people who match your business’s interests.
    Unlike any other social networking platform, Twitter is a great place to add people you even don’t know now but they might turn out to be your biggest customers in the future.


  1. Start Talking
    Now when the initial setup is ready it is time to start sending tweets.
    A good first impression is the need of the hour. In the initial tweets build up a story telling how your business started, who was your first customer (tag that person or brand) and how did you make it till here. Human beings like stories and when it has a personal touch they tend to connect more.


  1. Start Engaging
    Timing of your tweets holds the key here. Shot out tweets at the time when your followers and customers are active.
    Find a sweet spot between what your target audience wants to hear and things you want to promote as a business.
    Prefer quality over quantity and use images and videos that educate people about your business.
    Always retweet, follow back and reply to all the relevant questions asked.


  1. Start Listing
    Twitter provides you this great feature called LIST which helps your separate those valuable people from the mass. This can be your customers, potential customers, competitors, business communities around the world and the people who inspire you the most.
    You can organize your lists according to your business requirements, also making them public or private.

List allows you to see the tweets from the list members in a separate timeline and hence you can pay close attention to what these people have to say.

  1. Use the magic of Hashtags
    In today’s world of digital marketing, hashtag plays a very important role.
    It not only helps to create engagement and conservation around your product but also trends it across the globe.
    Whenever you launch a new product, come out with special offers or discounts and host a new contest or giveaway, a set of unique hashtags related to your business and product serve as the main marketing tool on social media.


  1. Start Searching
    Twitter has one of the best search tools of any social media platform.
    It help you find potential customers who live and work near your business.
    Also Twitter Advanced Search tool helps you search for an exact keywords, hashtags ,and even usernames.




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