21st Century Organization globally competitive by leveraging the capabilities of ICT

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Today the main focus of the entrepreneurs is to use the Information and Communication Technology to effectively manage their business operations. Depending on the business type ICT has presented endless opportunities to maximize production and profits. Use of technology has brought about significant improvements in business activity such as:

  • Automate processes
  • Better protection of information
  • Better storage of information
  • Effective communication
  • Improve B2C relationship
  • Improve data and file management
  • Increase ROI
  • Save time
  • Work remotely
Based on these considerations, companies are able to decide other important elements of business as cost structure, channels, customer relationship, resources and location. Ya, Location, because being in the right location are the key ingredient for your business success. In deciding a location you must consider its top five factors – infrastructure, costs, labor characteristics, government and political issues, and economic.

Dubai Internet City (DIC) an information technology park created by the government of Dubai as Free Trade Zone. It allows a number of benefits (ownership, taxation, custom, etc.) to the entrepreneurs who want to build up their dynasty in DUBAI.

It provides a strategic and cost effective platform for ICT companies targeting emerging markets. To name a few Microsoft, IBM, Oracle Corporation, Infor Global Solutions, Sun Microsystems, Cisco, HP, Nokia, Seidor Mena, Cognizant and Siemens, as well as UAE based companies such as i-mate, Acette etc.

Some of the major benefits that DIC serve:

  • World’s biggest ICT for EMS’s and entrepreneurs
  • Member of TECOM Investments
  • Distinct free trade zone above the best of IT hubs all over the world
  • World’s largest commercial IP Telephony N/w
  • Offer benefits of ownership, taxation and custom related benefits for a period of 50 years
  • Capital to the big honchos in the IT industry
  • One of the most exclusive (and expensive) residential areas of Dubai
Now you can avail the benefits and make the impossible possible by working, connecting and sharing your vision with Samsun Godwin. We will help you to set your goal for tomorrow at DIC – the largest TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS COMMUNITY in Dubai.

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