Abu Dhabi HCSEZ

In line with Abu Dhabi Government's vision to transform the prosperous capital into an investment destination, a Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones, "ZonesCorp" was launched as an initiative under law number (3) of 2004.

To take it to the highest level of efficiency the Worker's Residential Cities were planned well in advance because the government is committed to provide the best in the world dwelling environment. The workers' residential city projects have been conceived to address the large demand for workers' accommodation in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The project need arises from its capacity to support the development of a strong non-oil industrial base in Abu Dhabi and in enhancing the image of the emirate, thereby further attracting investments and the requisite workforce for continued development and growth.

ICAD (Industrial Corporation of Abu Dhabi)

The Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones (HCSEZ), also known as "ZonesCorp", is responsible for the establishment, management and operation of specialized economic zones in Abu Dhabi. It is committed to the development of industrial infrastructure in the capital and to the creation of a business environment conducive to driving growth and diversification of economy.

ICAD I -targets heavy-to-medium manufacturing, engineering and processing industries, including metal products, construction materials, fiberglass and plastics assembly.

ICAD 1 is located near to Musafah Sea Port and in a close vicinity of Abu Dhabi International Airport. It covers an area of 14 sq km. and is 30 km from the heart of the City of Abu Dhabi. ICAD 1 infrastructures are constructed according to the latest international standards and criteria. There is a main Administration Centre inside ICAD 1, as well as other utilities such as: hotel, cultural centre, business centre, banks, shopping malls and medical clinics. There is also a residential city for workers inside ICAD 1. This residential city is equipped with all the required facilities and public utilities.

ICAD 1 contains warehouses prepared according to international standards. Those warehouses will be used to store the products of the factories of ICAD 1 which are allocated for light industries. ICAD 1 is constructed to contain clusters for specialized industries. Those clusters will include: textile industries, food industries, engineering industries, wood industries, chemical industries, plastic products industries, construction materials industries, and high tech industries.

One of the main advantages of ICAD 1 is that all governmental departments concerned with the issuing of industrial licenses are located in one place. This advantage will help facilitate the work of investors, help them to safe time & efforts, and to concentrate on establishing their business so as to start producing their products as soon as possible. Cost of ICAD 1 infrastructures and its public utilities is AED "one billion and two hundred million Dirhams". Most importantly the occupation rate in ICAD 1 is 100% with more than AED 6 billion is the volume of investments.

ICAD II targets light-to-medium manufacturing, engineering and processing industries, including wood processing, engineering, oil and gas, construction materials, and chemicals.

ICAD II has been established by adopting the model of Public & Private Sectors Partnership (PPP model). ICAD II infrastructures were established according to the latest international standards and criteria. It is located 30 km from the heart of the city of Abu Dhabi. It covers an area of 11 sq km.

ICAD II contains 101 plots of land allocated for clustering of specialized industries. Those industries are: chemical industries, plastic products industries, engineering industries, and wood products industries, construction materials industries, oil& gas sector industries and services related to oil & gas industries.

AED 11 billion is the volume of investments in ICAD II in regard of capital & operating assets. In ICAD II there is a road network stretching for 27 km, as well as 21 km of gas pipes, 21 km for drainage, and 60 km pipes to pump out rain waters. Some factories are already constructed in ICAD II. The remaining factories are to be completed very soon as most of them are in their final stages.

ICAD III hosts a variety of clusters including an oil and gas zone, wood and engineering zone, and construction materials zone.

ICAD III covers an area of 12 sq km is under construction currently by adopting the PPP model. It will meet industrial investment demands and will also provide operative support to investors & clients. According to ZonesCorp strategy, ICAD III is designed to contain clusters for comprehensive industries. Those clusters will include: chemical compounds industries, construction materials industries and engineering industries.

ICAD III is already witnessing huge demand from local & international investors as large spaces have already been booked.

Al Ain Industrial City (AICC)

Al Ain Industrial City (AAIC) is located on the eastern borders of the UAE. It lies west to the Zakher Area in Al Ain City. 20 Km from AAIC to center of Al Ain city. AAIC is overlooked by a series of mountains and red sand dunes. AAIC is connected with Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah with a network of modern highways.

AAIC is a model industrial city established according to international standards and criteria and is spread in an area of 10 sq km. AAIC is easily accessible from Al Ain City as well as being near to all the main utilities and facilities in Al Ain City. The project consists of 300 industrial plots of land allocated for various industrial zones, as well as a main centre for administrative services, local centers to serve the factories and the Workers Residential Complex of AAIC.

AAIC is further divided into Light Manufacturing and repair workshops, Agricultural processing and Food canning, Light manufacturing (textiles, paper and wood industries), Chemical & plastic industries, Construction materials, Technology Cluster, Environmental Industries, Advance Factory Units

SGC will offer you investor management services because we know that acquiring an industrial license for land development has always been a time consuming process. Shrouded in red tape and entailing endless procedures that have investors running from one authority to the next. At the same time we will provide you Foreign Labor Services here The Ministry of Labor, Immigration Department, Department of Nationalization and Residency and the Personal Identification Department all collaborate under the One-Stop-Shop program within SGC at ZONESCORP.

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